As a part of the Miejska Akademia Rowerowa (Urban Cycling Academy) project, we are more than happy to cooperate with companies from Poznan willing to engage their employees in educational bike rides. If you would like to join our initiative with your workmates, please find more details below.

About the rides

Educational bike rides with our cycling instructors are organized for small groups of people (usually a group of two or three). In the afternoon hours (around 5 PM) the group meets the instructor in the vicinity of the premises of the company. Then the group and the instructor follow a formerly prepared route. The instructor explains how to use various forms of infrastructure for cyclists and how to obey important traffic rules and regulations.

What benefits can a company and employees expect?

Thanks to the rides, the employees are encouraged to use a bicycle as a convenient means of urban transport. Those who are used to cycling to work can gain new abilities and knowledge, whereas those with no previous experience in urban cycling can have a go at it so that maybe they will be more eager to choose two wheels instead of four in the future. The company promotes healthy habits in the employees and focuses on team building.

What costs or contribution are involved?

The project is funded by the authorities of the City of Poznan. Neither the company nor the employees need to cover any costs. The company needs to assign one person (for example an HR / EB Specialist) to that particular project – someone who will be in charge of contacting employees, arranging the date of the training etc. The coordinator of the project will stay in touch with the assigned person. During the ride, the employees need to use their own roadworthy bicycles (they can be rented as well but they will not be provided by the instructor).

How to register your submission?

Share the message about the project with your employees and ask those who find it interesting to complete the REGISTRATION FORM. Please note that in the question „How did you find out about the project?” the employees should select the box „Other” and enter the company name so that the Coordinator knows that these are company entries rather than individual ones. We would also like to ask the person responsible for coordinating the company’s participation in the project to contacts us via email:

The number of entries is limited, thus we encourage you to register as soon as possible!

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